We recently partnered with the Society for Community Organization (SoCO) to provide essentials and smiles to 500 amazing children in need.

We donated book vouchers, white and black sports shoes, school bags, Casio calculators for DSE exam, food warmers and containers, rice cookers, double and single quilts, electric kettles, badminton and sports equipment, toy cars and figures, STEM-based educational games, technology equipment.

We are happy to be part of making a positive impact for children.

Merry Christmas!


About Society for Community Organization (SoCO)
The Society for Community Organization (SoCO) was formed in 1971 by a group of clergymen and people who cared for Hong Kong’s development and campaigned for a fair and just social system. Through the promotion of civil rights and the organization of the affected people, they promoted respect for those people’s rights and equality for all members of society.