Over $1 Million Ordinary Share Purchase by our CEO


As per the Schedule 13D filed with the SEC on November 22, 2021, Mr. Au has used an aggregate of US$1,125,807 of his personal funds to purchase Ordinary Shares made through the Reporting Persons’ Rule 10b-18 Plan. According to the 10b-18 Plan, following the purchases, Mr. Au owns a total of 10,392,584 Ordinary Shares, representing 80.15% of Ordinary Shares issued and outstanding.

Mr. Au noted, “These share purchases using my personal funds, reflects my confidence in Regencell’s business strategy of becoming a market leader for the treatment of ADHD and ASD disorders, as well as infectious diseases such as COVID-19 (“COVID”). Our research and studies aim to address the fundamental causes of and achieve improvements in both symptoms and overall health of patients, as compared to currently available medications for ADHD/ASD disorders and COVID. We believe that we can make a difference!”

The Ordinary Shares were acquired for investment purposes. In the future, Mr. Au may make further purchases of the Ordinary Shares from time to time and, subject to certain restrictions, may dispose of any or all of the Ordinary Shares held by the Mr. Au at any time depending on an ongoing evaluation of the investment in such securities, prevailing market conditions, other investment opportunities and other factors. However, certain of such shares are subject to certain lock-up restrictions as further described in Regencell’s filings with the SEC.


Source: Businesswire