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SVP - Project Management

Ms. Antonia Assang

Ms. Assang has more than 20 years of experience in research and analysis and business strategic planning. She joined Regencell in Dec 2014 and has conducted extensive research and analysis on TCM.

Prior to Regencell, she had co-founded Mind Base International Limited in Hong Kong, providing business consulting and strategic planning services. She had successfully structured and established partnerships between local and overseas businesses, such as, negotiated exclusive distributorship and obtained import license for 31 items of baby food that are manufactured by a US-based company, in China, Hong Kong and Macau; identified potential suppliers of EV batteries in the US for a China-based car accessories supplier and established a Memorandum of Understanding for a China-US joint venture; analysed reserves, production forecast, risk factors, investment requirements and ROI of a lead and zinc mine investment opportunity in Sichuan, China and successful advised on an investment deal.

Before returning to Hong Kong in year 2000, Antonia had worked for an oil company in the US for 6 years as a production analyst. She had worked closely with the executive management on investment and acquisition projects, performed financial analysis on global oil and gas properties that are potential acquisition targets and provided sound evaluations and delivered reports of recommendation to executive management.

Ms. Assang graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, a master’s degree in Operations Research from Stanford University and a MBA degree from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.