Paul J. Niewiadomski

Regencell Bioscience Limited
Independent Director

  • Partner in Lubin Olson & Niewiadomski LLP’s Business, Finance and Workouts Practice Groups
  • Advised both publicly traded and private companies in a broad range of business transactions such as acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures, and financing
  • Served on the boards of several non- profit, for profit and civic organizations and is a member of the Urban Land Institute (San Francisco) and NAIOP (San Francisco Bay Area)
  • Recognized by Thomson Reuters as a Northern California “Super Lawyer” and was selected by his peers for the inclusion of the 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 Editions of The Best Lawyers in America
  • Bachelor of Business Administration from Western Michigan University (Magna Cum Laude), Master of Laws from New York University and Juris Doctor from University of Michigan


I’ve contracted COVID-19 for the second time in October 2021, despite being fully vaccinated and receiving a booster vaccine shot a few weeks before my travels. As a COVID recoveree, I would like to share my personal experience as I think it will greatly benefit those who were traumatized by the experience. Upon my return to San Francisco, I quickly realized that something was wrong. The symptoms of COVID-19 hit me like a bus, I was extremely fatigued, mentally confused with a headache, cough, sore throat, runny nose, chills and muscle ache. I couldn’t focus or watch anything more than 5 minutes. I went straight to bed and slept for 24 hours.

I awoke with chills and sweating. Out of precaution, I got tested for Covid at a medical clinic and was surprised to receive a positive result. At that point, I knew from my prior COVID infection that being inside and not being able to move or exercise would, over time, have a lasting impact on my mind and body. I was overwhelmed and depressed at the idea of spending weeks isolated and sick. I remember when I first caught COVID-19 in March 2020, there was no treatment available and I had to endure weeks of symptoms and self-isolation, it when on for weeks and there were no signs of improvement until a close friend of mine recommended a holistic TCM treatment. As an American who typically relied on Over-The-Counter medications, TCM treatment is new to me but given there was no effective medications available, I was willing to try anything to get better. Similar to my first COVID TCM formula treatment, after taking the TCM formula for only 2 days, my sore throat and headache went away. I was able to move around, think more clearly and talk on the phone. Significantly reduced symptoms meant that I was able to resume normal activities like reading the newspaper, watch television and more importantly, I was able to work by my third day. Overall, it took 5 days to feel close to normal, I was able to go outside and exercise.

On 31 October 2021, seven days after my first positive test, I tested negative. Unlike many, despite taking two vaccination shots and one booster shot, I still experienced severe symptoms just like my first COVID-19 infection. Thankfully, the TCM arrived on the day I contacted my friend and I took the first dose on the first night I tested positive. The TCM formula treatment definitely helped my recovery, and after experiencing it for the second time, I am confident that it can help many others who are in a similar situation. I highly recommend this TCM formula treatment for COVID-19 to those who are searching for an alternative holistic approach.
I contracted Covid-19 in early March of 2020. At that time, little was known about Covid and how to treat the symptoms. There was limited medical knowledge and advice available. I became very sick immediately. I was quarantined in a room at home for almost a month. After the initial symptoms during the first few days, I had periods when I felt better. Then the symptoms would return, extreme fatigue, headache, conjunctivitis and the inability to focus. I eventually developed chest pain and my blood oxygen level began to fall. I started going to a local medical clinic to be monitored and was fearful of worsening symptoms and being hospitalized.

It was at this time that I started talking with Mr. Sik-Kee Au, Regencell’s strategic partner TCM practitioner. He provided a TCM formula to me which I began taking. In the matter of a couple of days, the symptoms that I was experiencing with my chest subsided and my blood oxygen levels returned to a normal range. During the treatments, he called me daily to check on symptoms and discuss the treatments. He was always available to talk and was attentive to changes that I was experiencing. Within a week after I began taking the TCM formula, my health had returned to the point that I was able go for walks and resume more normal activities. I attribute my improvement to his treatments.

I have almost exclusively relied upon western medicine for the treatment of medical problems. My experience with the TCM formula caused me to revisit my thinking about treatment options. It also sparked my interest in being involved with Regencell Bioscience. I eventually joined the Board of Directors for the company due to my positive experience with the treatment for my Covid-19 symptoms.

Datuk Ahmad Razlan Ahmad Razali

Sepang Racing Team
Team Principal

  • Team Principal of Sepang Racing Team, of which Valentino Rossi, a seven-time MotoGP world champion, was a rider for the team for the 2021 season
  • Founder and Team Principal of RNF Racing Ltd
  • Served as Chief Executive Officer of Sepang International Circuit from Nov 2008 to April 2020
  • Discovered Fabio Quartararo, who joined Petronas Yamaha SRT and finished as Rookie of the Year in 2019 with 7 podiums
  • Bachelor of Commerce from Edith Cowan University



I started having a slight fever and sore throat in the morning of 10th February. As the day came to a close, I felt progressively worse with a more pronounced fever and sore throat, and I also started to feel my muscles and bones aching.

As my condition did not improve on 12th February, I took the RTK Test and was confirmed COVID-19 positive. My friend recommended that I should try the TCM approach and shared the contact details of Regencell Asia. I contacted Regencell Asia and was attended to immediately by a very responsive team.

Regencell Asia saw to it that I had a PCR Test done on 13th February to confirm my status and had the herbal medicine delivered to me when my status was confirmed. Consumption of 4 doses of the herbal medicine led to the eventual elimination of my symptoms by 18th February.

The effectiveness of the herbal medicine and the responsiveness of the team at Regencell Asia made the whole experience a very pleasant one for me despite the situational anxiety.

Without missing a heartbeat, I would eagerly encourage all COVID-19 patients to try the TCM approach with Regencell Asia, where effectiveness truly meets efficiency in managing COVID-19.

Christopher Then

Before this, if I was not healthy, I would take medicine quickly, but it was difficult to get better. Then when I had a COVID-19 infection, my cough was very bad and it was getting worse, so I decided to leave the clinic medicine for a while and try the traditional way. At first I didn’t even think there is a tea that can cure covid disease, but honestly when I drank this herbal tea, I had a quick recovery from cough and I felt better and also grateful for trying things I have never tried. After this if there is anyone who is affected with COVID-19, I recommend to try this TCM.


I contracted covid in mid February 2022 and started taking the herbal drink as soon as I received my PCR results. The herbal drink was effective as it helps me to sleep better and as a result sped up my recovery. This is huge for me, as I’ve always had difficulty sleeping and staying asleep.

I would like to also extend my gratitude to Mr. Jay Lee and Ms. Shermin Lee for taking the extra mile to follow up with my condition and help me feel better. Thank you for your relentless adherence to providing compassionate and selfless care to the patients.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the Regencell team for what you do each and everyday to help make lives better for those suffering out there!

Jessica Chong

I contracted COVID-19 and was eating western medicine. However, even after days, I wasn’t getting any better. On the 3rd of March, 2022, I was referred to Regencell Asia and within few hours they responded so quickly with clear instructions and I received the herbal medicine.

Throughout the time I was taking the TCM, I was guided with their on demand services – if you have any questions, just ask. They are quick to respond and this is undoubtedly an important factor in this critical situation. Anyone who is worried and don’t know how to dive into TCM but want to give it a go, should definitely go for this TCM. I highly recommended this to friends and family.


Upon testing positive for COVID-19, my family and I immediately opt to try out the TCM as recommended by a friend.

My father immediately felt better after drinking the TCM, it alleviated the body aches and even helped with his high blood pressure. We felt much better within a few days and my brother has tested negative after a week which is astonishing. We have no doubts that the TCM contributed much to our recovery. I would recommend this TCM to whoever who has contracted COVID-19.


Saya positif COVID-19 pada hari Isnin yang lalu bersamaan bertarikh 21hb Feb 2022 dan mengalami gejala covid iaitu demam, sakit tekak, lenguh-lenguh seluruh badan, sakit kepala, dll. Selepas saya cuba mengamalkan minuman teh herba Regencell 2 hari berturut-turut, saya berasa gejala tersebut makin berkurangan dan merasakan badan saya semakin pulih. Kepada pesakit covid diluar sana, saya amat syorkan untuk cuba mengamalkan teh herba Regencell Asia kerana ia sangat sangat membantu pesakit pesakit covid.
I tested positive for COVID-19 last Monday, 21 Feb 2022 and experienced covid symptoms such as fever, sore throat, nausea, tiredness, headache, etc. After I tried drinking Regencell herbal tea for 2 days in a row, I felt the symptoms were lessening and I felt my body was recovering. To the covid patients out there, I highly recommend to try Regencell Asia’s herbal tea as it is very very helpful for covid patients.


On 5 November 2021, 1 week before my business trip to London, I did a PCR test and was tested positive. On Monday, I was referred to Regencell Asia and received the herbal treatment and PCR test.

After taking 2 doses of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), I took a PCR test and the results were negative. I would definitely recommend this TCM to friends and family that fall under Stage 1-3 of COVID-19 as per MOH guidelines.

The TCM can be a little bitter when you take it and the night bottle can make you feel slightly drowsy but it certainly helped me get rid of the virus miraculously within 2 days of taking it. 

The staff was certainly very helpful in explaining any of my questions and gave me very clear specific instructions. Highly recommended!

Louisa Poh

The medicine truly helped in alleviating symptoms such as fatigue, chills, chest pressure after the 1st dose. I was able to sleep well and I wake up feeling energised each time after taking the medication. After the 2nd dose, my temperature was stable and I no longer have fever, sore throat and headache.

The medicine made the whole recovery process very much more manageable. After 4 doses, I was able to regain my mental and energy level back to usual, and was able to do my normal routine like cleaning and even light yoga stretches. It is definitely a great remedy for this COVID-19 recovery process.

Lim Jiayuen

In this period of a difficult time, Regencell Asia has provided unique one-to-one support services, by understanding and constantly checking my health conditions every day. Throughout the journey, Regencell Asia has been great at explaining the whole treatment procedures and providing a bespoke traditional Chinese medicine according to my symptoms.

My COVID-19 symptoms got lesser within just 2 days. It has helped manage my expectations in terms of results. Nevertheless, it has boosted my confidence to overcome this challenge during this tough period.

Ker Seng

I was recommended to this medicine by a close friend. Was a little sceptical at first since it’s only traditional Chinese medicine but I heard a lot of good reviews of it hence decided to give it a try. My first day was quite bad with symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, muscle ache etc, towards the severe side. I started taking the medicine on the second day after having COVID-19 symptoms and felt a lot better at the end of the third day. CT score risen from 19 initially to 30 too, only after 2 days. My body condition was close to normal at the end of day 5. Would highly recommend anyone who is tested positive for speedy recovery.


After finish 1 dose, I noticed improvement in my energy levels and I no longer have sore throat and runny nose. I felt close to normal after 3 doses, whereby the chest pain is gone and energy level got back close to normal.

Jason Lim

Before I took the TCM, I felt like my whole body was so tired, I also had very bad sore throat and cough. After I drank the TCM for only two days, I did not have anymore symptoms and my CT value also went up a lot. I wish to recommend this treatment to my friends and family.

Wei Lin


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